Brantu in Silicon Valley


The Reach Program

In the last two weeks, The founders have been attending the final stage of the Reach Accelerator program @nordicinnovationhouse in Palo Alto. 

REACH is a Silicon Valley based incubator program designed to boost Nordic research based tech projects that have international ambitions and potential.

Arne and the founders

The founders together with Arne!

Arne Tonning is the Program Manager for Reach

The founders have really learned a lot on this "on-the-job training program" that has run over six calendar months with two 14-days acceleration visits to Silicon Valley. The program has featured top mentor sessions, investor meetings, workshops, and networking events.


Is Brantu the next unicorn?

Co-founder Mohamed wins a promising prize during a lean startup workshop with Kromatic held by Nick Norena.

The founders feel that the program has given them the chance to learn more about the Silicon Valley culture and that they will be sharing and implementing it with their colleagues working on elprices in Cairo, Egypt. 

Fredrik Granström