What a january!

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Brantu AB Sealed its round end of December 2017 and its time to reveal what happened during the first month of investment. Our first month could be categorized as the infrastructure of the company where we were set up the team and place that will take our business to the next level and reach the milestones


Fatma El Tarzi

HR-Manager, Egypt

With more than 8 years experience in Human resources managing 150+ employees. Fatma is Passionate about Brantu's vision and joined as our HR manager. Fatma started in the first week in January and she initiated and executed the first batch scaling up the process. Managing the Recruitment, office setup, pay grade and ...etc.


Abdallah Al Qareh

Marketing Manager, Egypt

Abdallah Holds MSc. degree in digital marketing from the University of Salford in Manchester. Almost 5 years in Digital Marketing. He worked on many social media accounts for which he was responsible for setting up and implementing their social media strategy over many social media channels. He worked also on the social media content for these accounts across social media platforms. He was also responsible for setting up plans for the online marketing campaigns. With the use of Google Analytics™ and search engine optimization.


Mostafa Aboshady

Operations Manager, Egypt

A logistics professional with more than 4 years of solid experience in Logistics Management, handling warehouse operations and E-commerce, were 2 years in Managerial positions. He is able to learn quickly and apply knowledge effectively, along with his background, would enable him to play a strong role in expanding any business.

From Corporate to Startups. Hegazy holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Cairo. His previous experience working with Schlumberger and ExxonMobil as a project manager. However, he discovered his passion for startups. He believes in Brantu's vision and he will be managing the sourcing team from suppliers.