elprices.com Hosts the First Exclusive Seller Meet-and-Greet Event


If there’s anything we’ve learned this past year bumping shoulders with market tycoons, it’s this: Shopping season and the holiday season are not always the same thing.

Great retailers drive sales all year round with growth strategies, on-ground tactics and well-timed clearance sales, and they always make the best out of what they have to drive more traffic to their stores. This is evident in Abdel Aziz street; one of Cairo’s historical landmarks which serves as a vibrant merchant community in the fields of electronics and home appliances today.

Through years of working side-by-side on competing products, Attaba merchants discovered an age-old truth; it’s always better to work together. Odds are, if you’re looking for something, you’ll find it a stone’s throw away from wherever you’re standing, and it’s always better profit if consumers are given the chance to choose. This, perhaps, is the defining element of Abdel Aziz street. Unlike several other commercially-oriented neighbourhoods, Abdel Aziz street feels like one big all-purpose store.


Our Meet & Greet

We felt this first-hand last night, as we invited several retailers, distributors, and store-owners who made Abdel Aziz street what it is today. As our first signed sellers on elprices.com, our guests took to the meet-and-greet like fish to water. After all, we were introducing old friends.

At elprices.com, we understand the value of working together to create a fair marketplace and the benefits that this fair marketplace will bring to all enterprises involved.  

A defining element of elprices.com is how the platform is built to empower sellers to take their profitability into their own hands. In designing the sellers’ portal, we took into account the process that individual retailers, big and small, have to go through in order to get a bird-eye view of the market and remain relevant within their specific categories; starting from well-timed sales, product and package-level deals, the element of demand and seasonality, and the various fulfillment needs of individual store owners throughout various chain sizes. Accordingly, we built specific features to empower them through that age-old process and tweaked it with local insights to support that model on an intuitive e-commerce platform.


Retailers, Distributors and Entrepreneurs

As we worked on elprices.com, we came to know the true gifts of building an e-commerce platform. Designing, integrating and improving; we are able to see the hands-on effects of our work in the lives of hundreds of retailers and thousands of consumers at a time; and it is that responsibility that fuels our passion to become bigger and better at what we do, and to constantly develop our platform to accommodate the growing needs of modern-day merchants. To accomplish this, two-way communication is vital throughout our process, and getting the impression of our sellers on our power features was a mark of personal success and a huge milestone in this process.


Brief Work Shops

We felt that most strongly during the seller meet-up, during which we introduced our valued sellers to the power features of the seller portal and shared the direction we plan to take it in the future. Our executives led a brief workshop on how much the portal can be used to the benefit of their chains, and our sales team answered their questions on the capacity and growth capabilities of our seller portal in terms of their specific categories. The event was an overall success and got a lot of positive feedback from retailers, distributors, chain-owners and individual store-owners alike, and our new partners led the ensuing discussions over a relaxed networking dinner.

After the event formalities were done, each one of our signed sellers walked away with a “Find us on elprices.com” sticker and a custom-made giveaway package.


Networking Dinner

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