Of Spring Seeds and Success Stories


Have you ever felt like your entire week revolved around one idea, and that you’re one narrator voice away from starring in your own indie movie?

Being an entrepreneur is a lot like being a college student; you’re always one step away from a profound epiphany as you get chased down the calendar by the gaping ghost of deadlines past. This week, we had the opportunity to be part of two events where we got to meet other local startups and shoot the breeze with their – very human – founders who reminded us of that feeling we got the day we decided to become entrepreneurs.

After a busy couple of weeks, we were invited to be part of Enpact’s Startup Haus event, celebrating the opening of their new branch in downtown, Cairo. Promoting entrepreneurship and nourishing the local ecosystem with the support of Drosos foundation; Startup Haus has been a vibrant community for knowledge-exchange, collaboration and business mentorship since its opening in 2017.

At their opening, Startup Haus gave us a pot and a couple of seeds, and invited us to plant a tree for our startup on their new office grounds.


Our Founders Planting A Seed

Startup Haus Cairo

The gesture, much like the dynamic atmosphere the guests gave to the event, had a strange whiff of possibility. We were in college again; filled with ideas and feeling like we could push the boundaries of the world a little bit further.

And all it took was a little social gardening.

Later that week, we were invited to attend Flat6Labs’ Spring 2018 Demo Day event. As a startup accelerator providing mentorship and business support to aspiring entrepreneurs; Flat6Labs Cairo holds a 4-month accelerator program, offering ten startup teams with training and coaching support until their concept matured into a presentable business model. The 2018 Demo Day event celebrated the graduation of 10 outstanding teams from their flagship program; and we were one of the businesses invited to support them and celebrate their initiation into the exciting roller-coaster ride waiting for them outside the hall.


2018 Demo Day


The team presentations served as yet another reminder; all outstanding startups are really just trying to make the world a better place. With platforms emerging to scan and deliver prescriptions to patients, help blue collar workers advertise and find job opportunities, provide schools and companies with a transportation management platform, deliver groceries or connect commuting passengers with professional drivers, all those different enterpreneurs had one thing in common; they all looked around them and found something to improve.

Even though they are all still starting out; each one of their individual stories rang as a success story.

A lot happened this week, but it all went to prove the same thing; there’s a prototype in every idea, and there’s a business model wherever you care to look.

We can’t wait to find out what else May has in store for us, but we can say this with a measure of certainty; it will be exciting.