Tarek Salama




A typing wizard in his own right, Tarek Salama is currently a Data Entry Specialist at Brantu.

As part of two family-owned businesses, “Salah Computer Office” and “Dar Al Naskh Al Saree”, Tarek grew in a world of data processing. Being a member of family of publishers gave him the opportunity to experience high-end text wntry and publishing techniques; teaching him how to type at the age of 11.

Tarek became a professional text processor at 16, and his early exposure to proofreading, editing and finalizing complicated scientific and legal documents honed his skills until his word-per-minute rate reached 80 in Arabic and 65 in English. He later moved on to work as a supervisor to a team of data entry specialists at Jobzella.

Tarek also likes to play football, and wants to travel the world one city at a time.