Omar Khattab




With experience in research, marketing analytics and professional writing; Omar Khattab is currently a Research Analyst Intern at Brantu.

Previously, Omar served as a Data Analyst and Marketing Intern at Service Simple in Toronto, a Logistical Assistant in Metro Canada Logistics in Brampton and a Reviewer, Writer and Translator at Immigration Grounds in Mississauga in Canada. Additionally, Omar worked as an Access note-taker at Accessibility Resource Centre in Mississauga and volunteered at the iTrust Foundation; helping translate information to Syrian Refugees, supervise children activities and assisting with event coordination.

In his academic career, Omar double-majored in Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) as well as Professional Writing and Communication; graduating with honours from the University of Toronto. He also pursued a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Design at UofT’s Faculty of Information.

In his spare time, Omar loves to play videogames and read fiction. As your average, next-door-superhero; Omar also played soccer for five years, guitar for six years and piano for three years.