Mirette Osama




With ten years of experience in the field of editorial and commercial writing; Mirette Osama is currently a Senior Creative Content Creator at Brantu.

Before joining Brantu, Mirette served as an English PR Editor at the Egyptian office of Viola Communications LLC, a Copywriter at the Egyptian office of Mortimer Harvey, a Game Story-line writer of “The Archipels” at Streaming Creativity Studio, an Editor at Rock Era Magazine, an English Content Writer at ElMasna3 – The Factory Content Production House, and an Editorial Staff Writer at Zamalek Island 11211 Magazine, Campus Magazine, Teen Ink Magazine and TeenStuff Magazine. She also interned at Bikya Bookshop Cafe in the Marketing Team and at FP7 Cairo in the Strategy, Operations and Account Management departments.

She also volunteered at UN Women, served as National Head of Designers at EMSA: The Egyptian Medical Students’ Association and NGO, iEarn: International Education and Resource Network, and Wasleen; a Consumer Engagement Project by Ingredients, on the Research and Development, Public Relations, Creative and Strategies teams.

Mirette is also a former aerobic gymnast and Capoeira fighter. With fourteen years of classical piano training under her belt and a tendency to rap; Mirette picked up the ukulele recently and plans to be a lethal one-woman band.