Swedish Board Members Visit Brantu Egypt Office


Cairo, 14th of April, 2018:  Mohamed Rizk and Fredrik Granström, Brantu co-founders and chief executive officers, welcomed their chairman, Carl-Henric Nillson, investor Claes Ramel and board members, Alexander Jöndell, Rasmus Nervall and Robert Granström in their Cairo office yesterday morning. The visit was intended to discuss the potential of fast-growing startups in the MENA region and celebrate the imminent debut of the first phase of “elprices.com”; Brantu’s first e-commerce venture in the Egyptian market which has successfully soft-launched in October 2017.

Founded in close cooperation between Sweden and Egypt; Brantu is a Swedish-Egyptian startup based in Cairo that specializes in building e-commerce ventures and ecosystems in developing markets. Its founders, Mohamed Rizk and Fredrik Granström, started the company in August 2016 aiming to develop information transparency and market accessibility in the MENA region.

When asked about his idea; Mohamed Rizk, Brantu’s CEO and co-founder, said: “In creating this platform, we had one goal in mind; we wanted to give people better options when it comes to shopping.” He continued: “Buyers get to make informed purchase decisions that go beyond what’s available on one website or the other, and sellers get the chance to peddle their products beyond their immediate reach or neighbouring areas.”

Promoting Swedish-Egyptian ties and business cooperation; Jan Thesleff, the Swedish ambassador to Egypt, invited the chairman, founders and board members to the Embassy of Sweden in Cairo. In line with their continuing efforts to engage with Egypt’s entrepreneurial scene through a variety of activities, the embassy visit highlighted their local support to the startup and their imminent venture.

During the visit, Brantu was invited to attend “Sweden Day” at the embassy, which will take place on the 10th of May, 2018 celebrating the National Day of Sweden. Also attending the event are a roster of Swedish and Swedish-based companies in Egypt, including ABB, Baxter, Electrolux, Ericsson, IKEA, Newstag, Oriflame, Scania, SKF, Tetra Pak, Volvo, Absolut, Atlas Copco and Novelari.

“It’s great to have support when you’re trying to build something,” commented Fredrik Granström, Brantu’s Vice-CEO and co-founder, on their recent activities. He added: “I believe that a good company is always in beta; reworking their concept, improving their features, adding more products or even making the design more seamless. That is not a one-man job, it takes a community.”

Brantu is one of 30 Swedish and Swedish-based companies in Egypt; representing Sweden’s global commitment to sustainable development, entrepreneurship, creative industries and knowledge-sharing in Egypt. Known for its strong entrepreneurial culture as the leading country for innovation among EU member states, Sweden is keen to strengthen sustainable business models between Egypt and Sweden in an attempt to promote understanding and garner strong, long-term relationships between the two countries.

As one of the most competitive countries in the field of business models and innovation, Sweden has chosen Egypt as one of the 20 countries in the world that deserve special focus due to their growing economic potential. With relations that go as far back as 1345, Sweden’s diplomatic ties with Egypt predate the establishment of both embassies, and Sweden has deepened entrepreneurial contacts between the two countries over the last several years to include mutual sustainable business development and trade goals as well as industrial and cultural goals.

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