Cairo, 1st of October, 2018: BRANTU, a Swedish venture-building startup based in Cairo, has successfully launched elprices; its first venture in the Middle East. Aggregating electronics and home appliances from reliable sellers throughout Cairo, elprices is an e-commerce marketplace that offers special bulk shopping prices in addition to exclusive retail discounts and bonus member savings.

“Our vision was not only to re-invent the e-marketplace, but also provide people with real value that they can use in their day-to-day life,” explained Fredrik Granström, co-founder and co-CEO of BRANTU, the parent company of elprices. “People save big hauls for the holiday sales, but what if there was a place you could get the best prices at, all year round?” He added. “With elprices, the more items you add to your cart, the more your overall price will drop! That is the kind of value we want to offer people; being able to shop whenever they want, for whatever they want.”

Offering consumers with a bird-eye view of the marketplace through building an online inventory of the Egyptian market, elprices went the extra mile to forge meaningful relationships with their trusted retail partners, allowing them to enhance their offering with a variety of power features on the seller portal. “Our Deals Engine not only offers consumers great discounts, it also empowers sellers to control their profitability by letting them adjust their pricing,” stated Mohamed Rizk, BRANTU’S co-founder and CEO. “It’s a win-win platform. Consumers get matched with the best prices, their carts are optimized to maximum savings, and sellers get a platform where they can reach their full potential without geographical or financial restrictions.”

With a basic, free member account; consumers have access to the full features of elprices marketplace, and benefit from the full savings of the Deals Engine. “We are very excited about what’s to come, and we have big plans in store for the future of elprices,” hinted  Fredrik Granström, “Especially for New Year’s Eve!”

Having successfully soft-launched in October 2017, “elprices” has garnered great interest from consumers and sellers alike for offering both segments with better options online. Its early bird campaign, a closed-beta phase that offered 6 months of free delivery and first-purchase shopping credit of up to 10,000 EGP for every early sign-up, attracting thousands of interested shoppers as well as business and retail partners.

“Elprices is built for a reason; to empower consumers and retailers throughout the buying cycle and give them better options within a fair marketplace,” added Mohamed Rizk, “Complementing a fragmented market, elprices is a smart, flexible platform that will empower consumers to shop better, retailers to sell better and businesses to thrive easier online; making sales wherever demand is found.”

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