Alexander Jöndell




With six years of experience in the field of Business Development and a passion for Technology and Innovation; Alexander Jöndell is a member of the Board.

In addition to Brantu, Alexander is also a member of the Board of Medotemic AB, Arthro and Mitbase AB, a Chair of the Board of Directors of Bookbost AB and co-founder of BlueGlueMedia. Currently working as a Portfolio Manager at LU Holding AB, Alexander previously served as a Business Developer for LU Innovation and VentureLab Lund University.

Alexander holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Mittuniversitetet and Management and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Management from Lunds Tekniska Högskola. He also worked on a project with Swedish and Chinese students in collaboration with Volvo Cars at Zhejiang University, aimed to generate environment-friendly business concepts that contribute to cleaner air in China.

In his spare time, Alexander is a talented handyman who likes to do full house restorations.