Carl-Henric Nilsson




With almost two decades of experience in the field of Economics and Technology, Carl-Henric Nilsson now resides as Chairman of the Board.

Throughout his career, Carl-Henric took on a variety of managerial and executive positions; serving as Chairman of the Board at Einride in Stockholm and Finqr in Malmo, board member at Ecobränsle AB and SenzaGen AB, inspector at Östgöta Nation vid Lunds Universitet, Associate Professor at Lund University and Management Consultant and Partner at Kunskapspartner AB, where he now resides as owner and CEO.

In addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lund University School of Economics and Mana and a Master of Mechanical Engineering and Production Management from the Lund Institute of technology, Carl-Henric holds a PhD and M.Sc. in Industrial Management.

Carl-Henric has published several research papers in the field of Business Development and Industrialization, and works with entrepreneurs on a global basis, especially in China and the United States. 

In his free time, Carl-Henric likes playing golf, tennis and squash. He especially loves sailing in Croatia.