Mohamed Rizk




With over eight years of experience in the field of marketing, sales and business development; Mohamed Rizk is currently the co-CEO and co-founder of Brantu.

As a Partner, Sales and Marketing Manager at Bebasata LLC, he co-founded one of the first e-commerce websites in Egypt; taking part in the design and development of the website as well as the marketing activities of the brand. From there, he moved on to become the System Service Representative of IBM, the GCC Territory Sales Executive for SAP Egypt LLC and the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Creatify.

Throughout his career, Mohamed contributed to the development, refinement and expansion of the companies’ brands, fine-tuned their short and long-term profitability and growth, and developed his closure skills in emerging markets. As a professional, Mohamed always makes time for the human element; listening to his employees and colleagues and solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Mohamed’s academic journey overlapped the first half of his professional career, and his dedication allowed him to graduate with honours from the GUC with a BSc in IET Engineering and move on to Lund University in Sweden to pursue a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. Mohamed also completed a Bachelor project in Haptic Technology at the Technische Universität München (TUM); where he successfully investigated the perceptual threshold of a multi-Degree of Freedom (DoF) to Haptic Signals.

In his free time, Mohamed can be seen pacing the office in his headphones, dancing to what almost always turns out to be Latin music. When he's not working, he likes producing his own music.