Rasmus Nervall




With 12 years of experience in the field of B2B Sales, Marketing and Business Development; Rasmus Nervall is currently a Member of the Board.

Among his many endeavours, Rasmus is also the CEO of Nordic Scaleups, a Member of the Board of Directors of Actimate AB, which won Health Business of the Year, as well as Member of the Board of Svep Design Center AB in Sweden. Previously, he co-founded Danji, a Sweden-based consultancy firm, ATE Sales Program for Entrepreneurs and Startups, where he also serves as a Business Coach, and Regia Fastigheter AB, where he now resides as owner.

Rasmus also served as Member of the Board at IK EOS, Marketing Manager at EOS Lund Basketball and Consultant, then Project Manager and finally Sales Manager and Partner at Adsensus Consulting AB.

Rasmus holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, Business and Administration from Lund University, and his studies span MiL Institute, Malmö University and Alliant International University.